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How to Develop, Execute, and Iterate a Growth Strategy

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Leaders have it tough: SBA data shows that 1-in-5 new organizations fail in their first year, 1-in-2 within five years. And it's even tougher with startups. Only about 1-in-1000 experience a meaningful exit.

The key to profitable growth is having a strong business strategy.

But a successful strategy isn't just created in a day and then written in stone – it's built in an intentional way, and it is continuously improved upon after you begin to implement in.

In our eBook, Strategy Playbook for Leaders, we share the same framework we use to develop successful strategy with our Gaussian Consulting clients, including:

  • The key elements of a good strategy
  • 9 common pitfalls that leaders must avoid when creating their strategy
  • The 6 steps of strategy planning, an easy-to-implement strategy planning framework that helps ensure your organization's strategy achieves the required outcomes
  • How to ensure your strategy thrives through uncertainty, through continuous improvement
  • What a continuous strategy approach looks like, and how to implement it in your organization